Hallowed Histories

Unshuttering 'The Shuttered Room'


As part of the Hallowed Histories festival, we present a screening of the 1967 film, The Shuttered Room. An adaptation of a story by H. P. Lovecraft, it features Oliver Reed, Gig Young and Carol Lynley. It's a classic 'B' picture, full of sexual tension, creaky floorboards and creakier performances. The whole thing is given a local flavour by being shot in Norfolk (doubling for Lovecraft's haunted New England countryside). The main location for this film, Hardingham Mill, was burnt down to provide a suitably grandiose ending to the film, over the objections of the local residents. 

This screening will be introduced by four academics, each with a fascinating and unique take on this genuine oddity of a film and it's making.

Tim Snelson will be delving into the murky psychology of this prime example of Nofolk Gothic.

Melanie Williams will be placing The Shuttered Room in the context of the turbulent time of 1960s British Cinema.

Keith Johnston and Paul Frith are experts on Eastmancolor, which give this film it's lurid look. 

Also included in this screening will be recently unearthed footage showing the stars of the Shuttered Room on set and enjoying some free time in glamorous Norwich City, as well as actual footage from the destruction of Hardingham Mill.

Free screening, with drinks reception.

Made possible by the East Anglian Film Archive (EAFA) and the University of East Anglia.

Tickets can be reserved here.

An article on the film, and our screening can be found here.