Hallowed Histories

The Flesh and Blood Show



Hallowed Histories begins it's forth year of screenings of locally shot curiosities by teaming up with the Eastmancolor Revolution Project from the University of East Anglia and the University of Bristol. This new restoration of Pete Walker's The Flesh and Blood Show highlights just how lurid those lurid colours can get in a grisly tale of murder and sleaze, against the backdrop of Norfolk's own Cromer Pier.

This slice of nostalgic gore will be paired with a fresh short film from Norfolk's own Bloody Cuts collective, who continue the tradition of boundary-pushing, proudly independent horror film-making with style.

The screening will be held in screen 3 at Norwich Cinema City on St Andrews Street. There will be a free wine reception before the screening to keep the chill from your bones. Tickets are free, but this event will fill up quickly, so please reserve your place as soon as possible.

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Hallowed Histories

The Eastmancolor Revolution

Bloody Cuts Short Films