Hallowed Histories

Short Story Evening

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You are cordially invited to the St Peter Hungate Church on the 2nd November to hear something odd...





On the 2nd of November of this year, the St Peter Hungate Church will be playing host to a very old, very chilling tradition. In Japan, Hyakumonogatari Kaidan (A Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales) is part performance, part ritual and part parlor game in which each of the assembled guests try and out-do each other in telling stories of the strange and macabre. Each reader arrives with a lit candle, and after telling their story, blow it out. As the stories get darker and darker, so does the room. Eventually there is just one last candle and one last story, and after that, the darkness....

This year, as part of the Hallowed Histories festival, the Gathering of One Hundred Supernatural Tales comes to the St Peter Hungate Church, set in the heart of Norwich's ancient Tombland area. Writers from the UEA's prestigious school of literature will be showcasing their work, as well as the best of local writing talent. If you're a local writer with a story to share, please feel free to come along and, time permitting, we would love to hear your story.

This event is free, but we recommend reserving a ticket at our eventbrite page here.