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Hallowed Histories and EAUFOG - Rendlesham and the Belgian Wave

Hallowed Histories is glad to welcome back Tony Buckingham from the East Anglian UFO group for another discussion of all things extraterrestrial. This time we're not straying too far, and heading for an airbase in Suffolk, where the legendary 'Rendlesham Incident' occurred in 1980. One of the most witnessed and discussed UFO encounters in history, the details will amaze you. We also discuss the 'Belgian Wave' of sightings in 1989, another widely attested and controversial chapter in UFOlogy.

For more information on the EAUFOG, please head to www.eaufo.co.uk

This episode was sponsored by Liberty Restaurant in Wroxham, which remains the only place in East Anglia where you can get a decent Reuben sandwich. More info at www.libertywroxham.co.uk/about-us-restaurant/

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Hallowed Histories and EAUFOG - Many Shades of Grey

Hallowed Histories is delighted to have Tony Buckingham from the East Anglian UFO Group back to guide us through the alien hierarchy. We all know the greys, their influence on pop culture is pervasive. However, what is their connection with the Nordics? Or the Lizards? And what is their interest in us? 


This episode of Hallowed Histories was sponsored by Liberty Restaurant, the top-rated American-inspired restaurant in Wroxham. Try the catfish beignets while you're there, they have to be tasted to be believed. 


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Hallowed Histories and EAUFOG - UFOs, Aliens, Conspiracies and Us

Recently we sat down with Tony Buckingham from the EAUFOG (East Anglian UFO Group) to discuss all manner of unexplained ariel phenomena, the aliens who are visiting us, and the truths that are concealed from us everyday. It's what's been did, and what's been hid, in this fascinating interview with an absolutely charming guest.


More info about the EAUFOG here:-


The woodcut we talk about, appearing to show a space battle over Medieval Nuremberg is here:-


And the facebook discussion group we mention is here:-


We are also proud to be sponsored by Kemono Dojo, a Ju-Jitsu resource in the heart of Norwich. If you fancy learning this fascinating art, email Laszlo Zupan on zupan.laszlo@yahoo.com. And remember - it's better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war.

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Hallowed Histories Extra - Interview with Chloe McMinn and Emily Taithe

As a companion piece to our last podcast, we present an interview with crusading documentarians Chloe McMinn and Emily Taithe. They were kind enough to come into the Hallowed Histories studio to add background to the disturbing series of mutilations and disappearances that have plagued the campus recently. We're hoping to show their documentary on our site pretty soon, so keep an eye on hallowed-histories.org.

We're also now on Spotify! Just search 'hallowed histories'.

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