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Episode Four - The Nightmare of UEA Lake

Continuing with our cryptozoology theme, we present a timely warning about the dangerous creature that is rumoured to be stalking the campus at the University of East Anglia. Based on groundbreaking investigative journalism of Chloe McMinn, Emily Taithe and Matthew Jenkins. We're hoping to have an interview with the survivors of the investigation, as well as hosting the full documentary on our site pretty soon. Until then, please listen to this warning, heed it's message and stay safe out there.

Richard Sheppard
Hallowed Histories Extra - Interview with Richard Hand and the UEA Radio Theatre Players

Ahead of their production of Frankenstein on the 26th March 2018, Richard Hand and a few members of the UEA Radio Theatre Players dropped by the studio to discuss Frankenstein, the art of foley and keeping up with the Shelleys. Tickets still available, follow some links below:-




Episode Three - An American Werewolf in Cambridgeshire

In the latest episode of the Hallowed Histories podcast, we catch a dose of full moon fever and head down to RAF Alconbury in the wilds of Cambridgeshire. The infamous 'Hard Stand Monster' was apparently prowling this area during the 1970s, scaring and tearing up the airforce base. We look at what made these tales of lycanthropes and monsters so attractive to the men who served there under the full East Anglian moon.

Hallowed Histories Extra - Interview with Mark Jancovich

Ahead of our screening of the Tomb of Ligeia on the 26th January at the Forum Auditorium, we sit down for an exhaustive, informative and downright fascinating interview with film expert, Professor Mark Jancovich. We touch on how horror films, and the genre itself, has been treated by Hollywood, and how films like Psycho, Rosemary's Baby and even the homegrown Hammer Horror movies have their unique places in cinema history.

Tickets for the screening are available here:- 


Mark's blog is here:-


Portrait of Love by Neil Walker - Hallowed Histories Present Ghost Stories for Christmas

The last story in our ghost stories for Christmas strand is a little different. Neil Walker's tale of suicide, artists and a memory-haunted Florence has all the ingredients of a classic macabre tale, but then wrong-foots you into something else entirely.

We're going to be making the short story readings a regular part of the Hallowed Histories line-up, so please keep on checking back. If you're a writer or voice actor who wants to get involved, please contact us at hallowedhistories@gmail.com

Selected Entries from the Diary of Lillian Vicarage by Liza Blackman - Hallowed Histories Present Ghost Stories for Christmas

Next up is Liza Blackman, with a vampire story inspired by the great-grandfather of all vampire stories, John Polidori's 'The Vampyre'. It's a cracking story, full of passion, romance and gore. The way Liza handles the tone changes is masterful, and we hope you enjoy hearing 'Selected Entries from the Diary of Lillian Vicarage' as much as we did.


Find out more on hallowed-histories.org, or drop us a line on hallowedhistories@gmail.com

Dark Eyes by Johnny Raspin - Hallowed Histories Present Ghost Stories for Christmas

Next up is Johnny Raspin, with his story 'Dark Eyes'. Johnny is not only a born writer, but also (as you will hear), a born storyteller. He breathes life into this Gothic chiller through his words and his delivery, making you almost feel like you were there. Although given the kind of people who creep the dark corridors of  Chillingham orphanage, where 'Dark Eyes' is set, that may put you a little too close for comfort.

Kill Your Youngest by Kathryn Leigh - Hallowed Histories Present Ghost Stories for Christmas

Next up in our season of ghost stories for Christmas is 'Kill Your Youngest' by Kathryn Leigh. Kathryn is a student at UEA and one of the editors of Octarine Magazine, which can be found on campus and at octarinemagazine.wordpress.com. 'Kill Your Youngest' is not to be listened to if you find yourself snowed in this Christmas, under any circumstances.

The Listeners by Walter De La Mare - Hallowed Histories Present Ghost Stories for Christmas

To commence our season of classic and original ghost stories for Christmas, we present a true masterpiece - Walter De La Mare's poem 'The Listeners'. Reading it for us is Professor Richard Hand, who was responsible for putting together the Hallowed Histories radio play earlier in the year, and has been an invaluable source of support and advice. Stay tuned for the next chilling story in just a few days.

Hallowed Histories Extra - Interview with Keith Johnston and Paul Frith


Paul Frith and Keith Johnston both lecture at the UEA, and will be at the Hallowed Histories screening of the Shuttered Room this November. The film is a heady mix of karate, Oliver Reed, family curses, shaky accents and HP Lovecraft. In this brief interview we scratch the surface of Eastmancolor and it's place in revolutionising cinema, and how it gave The Shuttered Room it's lurid look. If this whetted your appetite, or if you're just a fan of cult British cinema, please book your free ticket for the screening here.

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Episode Two - Black Shuck

In this episode we look at East Anglia's most famous legend, Black Shuck. We find out how this spectral dog went from demonic murderer to traveller's protector and finally to town mascot.

Episode One - The Lantern Man of the Broads

In this episode we profile one of East Anglia's most interesting and pervasive legends. if you were walking through the Broads a couple of hundred years ago, you may have found some comfort in the sight of a fellow traveler with a bright light leading you on. However, where the stranger would lead you, and what awaits you there, would not have been welcome at all.